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Sunday, September 16, 2012


I kinda fell in love with this hottie the second I saw him. I love that hes a bottom as well as a top. If you havn't bought your copy go and buy it now at Class Comics (I'll put the link at the end of this post). I tried my best to create a sim version of this aqua hunk ...and I hope you guys like him, I even designed the necklace and his outfits to look exactly like the one he wears.

So i decided to try this guy out with all my sim men :) and lets just say they gave him a good time!

I put together these shorts that he sometimes wears.

Aaaaand gave him a huge cock....just like every great class comic hunk

This is the outfit you see him wear on the cover.

He had ALOT of fun with my guys :)
 So if you havn't already head to CLASS COMICS and pick up your copy!

You will NOT be dissapointed! Trust Me :)

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  1. Thanks so much for this treat! We put a posting about your creation of "Mako Simm" on Facebook and our Tumblr!

    1. Wow! I just checked them both out, thankyou so much :)

  2. where did you get all these epic ass mod and dude those dicks are just fucking drool worthy

  3. haha thanks :) and check out my latest post i have put up all the info. I got them from 3/4 main sites :)