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Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Here's Calvin just finishing his main course.

So heres another position!

I've got a surprise for you!


This is a threesome mod that you can download from Hunters page in Back Alley Sims! Its part of hunters 'Social wohoo" patch. ..Pretty good aye.


This is the "laying Oral" interaction they can do. Part of the "Orgy Rug" patch. (see older blogs)

And for those who like muscle...ive got a surprise for you!
I was and still am in love with the HBB mesh. (Huge Body Builder) - this is the mesh that all these guys are ^^^

BUT! then i found an even BIGGER! mesh called MBB (Massive Body Builder) heres the difference.

Ill give you all the details for getting this the next blog! for now enjoy the pics and if not before xmas ill see you just after!  HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!

Friday, December 17, 2010


Sooo i'm going to post a few pics of the different positions that you can have in the game :)

There are actually quite a few that you can do and i keep finding more and more! 

I will also post who creates the position so if your interested you can go to their page and download it form there. Its all about pushing some more life back into The Sims 2 because lets face it. You can't do this stuff in the Sims 3.

Here's Alex, hes going to show you one of the many positions you can do in the sims 2 :)

"Doggy Style"

"Standing Doggy"

Thanks Alex for that!

So heres the info!

The mesh is from a creator called Hunter240X and hunters work can be found on "sexysims2" "insimadult" and also an amazing but underated site called "Back Alley Sims" It is part of his download called "Sux McNutty's Orgy Rug" and can be downloaded from any of these sites.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Beginning!

Hey guys welcome to Muscleman's Blog!!!

I am playing a game at the moment which im sure you have all heard of......the sims 2?

Here i will post all my pictures of the game onto here..

Take a look!

Add caption

If you like what you see then keep coming back as i will continue to post pics.

I made this blog so i could share and answer questions about the game.

I was on Y!Gallery but then you are not allowed to post screenshots on there. So i made this blog!

Ask me anything! i often get asked where i get my meshes from and how to get certain skins.

See you guys soon!