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Sunday, July 1, 2018

Muscleman's Back??


long time no see ey! 

I am not sure if people still follow me or even care for that matter if i post content or not goes :) 

I have been away for so long because of work and uni commitments..and a relationship but am now back on to share with you guys all my sexy mods and men in my video games haha :) 

Here is my latest Fallout 4 character that I am playing with at the moment!

He is incredibly popular with the men of the wasteland and even the supermutants! 


I gave him this uniform for when i use a "prostitute" mod.. He walks around the town and all the men approach him for sex ;)

Hope you like what you see! Ill post more if people still care! haha

Thursday, December 31, 2015



I hope your all having a nice holiday season. Lots of free time in the holidays means lots of FALLOUT 4!

I cannot get over how amazing the guys asses are in this game, definitely one of the best male video game butts ever.

Makes sneaking very distracting....

So meaty!

ahhh....dude your suit has gone up your crack.

EVERY guy has a huge ass haha

My character is romancing Preston at the moment. I have a scale cheat where you can change the muscle of any NPC. Also he has a scale cheat on him where you can make the NPC's taller/

Heres my character :) 

CYA guys!!! 

Friday, November 13, 2015


Greetings everyone!

So you all would know by now that FALLOUT 4 has been released and wow! Its an amazing game with a few flaws here and there granted but still a freaking great world to immerse yourself in.

Also you would know that I am a sucker for video game butts. I LOVE that BETHESDA have given the male protagonist some junk in his trunk! Just look at these screenshots!

Look how much it sticks out haha

I was sneaking here but walked right into a guard cus I was too distracted haha

Quick! I have to run from the....ohhhhhhhhhh mmmmmm

Heres my dude :) 

So obviously I am a bit of a perve but I think its high time that gay gamers AND straight girls get something to look at for once. For so long I have played games with women that have amazing booties and bodies and the men in the exact same games are flat as pancake...

So I want to thank bethesda for this and for making yet another freaking stunning game for us fans 

If you want you can leave some positive feedback for BETHESDA and thank them for giving the guys some glutes for once!

I did haha.

heres the link to their support page.

Head over there and say THANKS FOR THE MALE BOOTY! 


Friday, November 6, 2015



SO very excited for the release of BETHESDA's next game!

You all know how muchIi posted and modded SKYRIM, so expect to see a BUTT load of posts on this blog about FALLOUT 4!

This render was created in Daz Studio with the Iray render.
Took about 5 hours to complete.

But I dont sit still for very long so ...a bit longer haha

Let me know what you think or just leave a comment saying HEY! 

Lotsa love


Tuesday, September 29, 2015


 Hey Everyone!

So as you may be aware Batman Arkham Knight is yet to be re-released on PC so i have decided to play Arkham City in preparation for it :) 

I have modded the game a fair bit aswell using TEXMOD. 

I have taken off batmans cape to reveal his glutes in all their glory!
I always thought that the cape got in the way alot when i was playing, you would see hints of his amazing butt from time to time but never REALLY good shots.

Im a gaymer who likes to have something to look at, if the story gets dull. Some games (like in this one) have you trekking around the city and going back and forwarth..its just nice to have something to look at while you do!

Hetero gamers always have these sexualized women in their games so I brought it upon myself to sexify batman...a little bit.

This is his Earth One outfit..this one has the best looking butt  in my opinion.

This is the corps armour, i love how the artists really took their time on his booty. This suit is SO tight that it gives him a wedgie haha

Look how much his butt sticks out! You would never notice with the cape covering it ;)

So apart from removing the cape I have also added a few images to posters and so on. Instead of the female stripper signs i have male stripper signs, I have added also random tattoos to the bandits like I <3 batman..more just for a laugh then anything.

I cannot wait to play Arkham Knight but until then I will be completing his other adventures :) 

Friday, August 14, 2015


Hey everyone!

Hope your all well :)

I will be posting more updates soon but I have been pretty busy!

Just letting you know that im still here and have some really cool stuff on the way :)

Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Hey guys! So I have recently developed a obsession with Greek male statues..primarily HERCULES.
Just look at that butt and physique! This is Herc with Cacus.

So i decided to render my own 3D version of him..

I wanted some armour that was believable but also slightly sexual. A man who doesn't give a crap if you see his junk or not :)