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Monday, January 17, 2011


 Hey guys! time for more pics!!!

Ive been getting alot of question on my Y!Gallery account about what mods are used and how i get to do certain positions. THANKYOU! keep asking! its fun to help :))

The sperm on the guys faces was made 100% by myself :)  you simply use bodyshop and swap any makeup for sperm faces haha. I downloaded "splash" brushes from the net and  used the on thier faces....quite effective aye :)

 AND its the same deal with the sperm around the HOLE. i used photoshop on the skins :))

SOOOO...whats the line for??

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Welcome Back!

Wow! how has everyone's holidays been?

Now i can tell you where i got the MBB (Massive Body Builder) mesh from.

"Synapticsim" type this into google and its called synapticsims lair. you will find it in the meshes section.

Heres a present for you!

If you didnt already know "The Sims 3" team has added a new feature to its game.
Its called "Muscle definition" and you can get it buy downloading the new patch that should automatically download when you open the launcher.

Pretty cool huh!

aaaaaaaaaannnnnd heres some more pics for you all :)

ill continue to share the download links and answer questions next time :) enjoy!