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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Backdoor Fun!

Hey guys! Ive had alot more questions in my Y!Gallery account about The Sims 2 so just letting you know that
i will answer them all but it might take a few posts too :P

So THIS position is called Standing Tower and you can do this by using the "Orgy Rug" that you can download from "sexy sims 2"

As for the outfits that these sexies wear. These are made by myself but i take the mesh from downloaded content that you can get from sites like Insimenator, insimadult and Gaysimsclub2 or GSC2. I usually take these meshes and edit them in bodyshop (that comes with the game) and i usually leave the HOLE free...for you know...easy access.


Heres the latest addition to my neighborhood. hes a ...lifeguard.

BUT he never has much time to save lives.....not that the pool even gets used.

Meet Alistair ...hes a prince.

Annnd these are his guards..

And now time for some more FUN!

Geeeeet ready!
This requires CONCENTRATION.
"dude, my mouths overflowing.."