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Tuesday, September 29, 2015


 Hey Everyone!

So as you may be aware Batman Arkham Knight is yet to be re-released on PC so i have decided to play Arkham City in preparation for it :) 

I have modded the game a fair bit aswell using TEXMOD. 

I have taken off batmans cape to reveal his glutes in all their glory!
I always thought that the cape got in the way alot when i was playing, you would see hints of his amazing butt from time to time but never REALLY good shots.

Im a gaymer who likes to have something to look at, if the story gets dull. Some games (like in this one) have you trekking around the city and going back and forwarth..its just nice to have something to look at while you do!

Hetero gamers always have these sexualized women in their games so I brought it upon myself to sexify batman...a little bit.

This is his Earth One outfit..this one has the best looking butt  in my opinion.

This is the corps armour, i love how the artists really took their time on his booty. This suit is SO tight that it gives him a wedgie haha

Look how much his butt sticks out! You would never notice with the cape covering it ;)

So apart from removing the cape I have also added a few images to posters and so on. Instead of the female stripper signs i have male stripper signs, I have added also random tattoos to the bandits like I <3 batman..more just for a laugh then anything.

I cannot wait to play Arkham Knight but until then I will be completing his other adventures :)