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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Batman: Arkham City

Hello everyone! So i said i would post some pics of this game and show you guys why im playing it so much. Don't get me wrong though its an amazing story and awesome gameplay which doesn't take long to get used to but i also just want to pay tribute to another reason why i play...and its kinda distracting because your trying to kill the bad guys and collect trophies while batmans bubble butt is shoved in your face!!!(#$

Soo good though ..heres some pics :)


How am i supposed to concentrate?!?!? lol

Shake that ass

This is the camera angle when you crouch...u get in those tight spaces.

Not to mention his killer body

Almost too big..butt not quite.

 So there you have it! Batman in all his glory! The game is amazing and this is just a small reason why i love it. The graphics is so realistic and voice acting like no other game :)