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Thursday, December 29, 2011


 What the hell! How friken fast does this year wanna go?? Ah well its been fun :) Sorry i havn't been posting for a while, been kinda busy. I have started posting mods on INSIMADULT so you can get my work there for free! For xmas i got BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY and dang! its an amazing game and it lets you now play as Nightwing AND Robin. I dont know if this is just me but when you get these guys to run i cant help but  ahhh....look at these guys asses. I mean the developers went out of thier way to make these super tight costumes for these guys to run around in and they have the BEST looking asses. I'll put up some pics in my next post...dang! everytime i play that game i need a cold shower afterwards haha.

 Anyways time for some pics!!! :)

Ram it in!

I think ive got a thing for blonde guys....

That's gunna be a mouthfull

The front door and the back door get used quite regularly.


Nude massage anyone??

Yep, ive got a thing for blonde guys.

Nice cum drips on his ass