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Monday, June 27, 2011

Attacked From The Front and The Back!!!


Its been a while! I also forgot my password so it was kinda hard to login

More Sims 2 pics!! Ive tried a few different things this time (trying to get more cocks in the holes) ;)

2 IN 1!!

That looks like fun!

Logan A.K.A Wolverine decided to drop in!

BTW hes getting screwed by ROCKMAN!

And yes...colossus is there aswell :)

3 WAY!

Its a messy business


  1. LOL!
    Love that pink thong XD

  2. where did you get it from?

  3. same as before i created it :) I youve played the sims 2 before you might know about meshes? and that you need them for the outfit to work? Type INSIMADULT into google and look under HBB (Huge Body Builder) all the meshes are there. :) Ill put up MY creations soon :) You can find some of MY sims under the section titled HUNKS :)