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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

SKYRIM: Amazing Mods!

 Look what I found on SKYRIM NEXUS. This is a bodybuilder mesh for your game! Dang it looks amazing :)
They have bulked up the body and given your hero a bubble butt
They have also given your hero some junk and size options, i chose a more natural look.
 But if you want your hero to have a horse sized cock then you can!!
His butt looks delicious!


I found this mod on Skyrim Nexus. I typed in MALE into the search bar and this is what i got! There are loads more mods similar to this so head on over to that site and make your game that much more sexier!

Bye for now :)



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  2. Any chance of a direct link? Having trouble finding this mod.

  3. Its on Skyrim Nexus, it wont let me post links on here sorry just type in the word MALE and it should be in the downloads :)