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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Dancing With a Hot Dude

Hey guys!

So i just got home from a long night out and just wanted to share my fustration lol..

I was with a group of friends, 3 girls and 3 guys and myself, we all went out to a club and danced for ages!, anyways i had my eyes on this one dude for the entire night, im not gunna post a pic of him cus that would violate some random law but take it from me he was HOT! Like stunningly hot! My heart started to throb the second i saw him and he was part of the group i was with so i got to know him a little. We were dancing for hours and through the night we lost everyone else so it ended up with just myself and this one guy. We were both dancing together for a while, lookin at each other but then after about 6 mins of dancing he walked off! How the fkkkkk do you tell if a guy is into you or for that matter into guys in the first place. I just thought, cus hes so hot and he still hasnt got a gf that he would be .....right?? but now im home kicking myself for not trying harder to do something with him.

fuckkkkk!!!! i dunno this always seems to happen just too shy for my own good. Now im going on facebook lookin at pics of him haha such a stalker.

Ill post some more pics and vids soon guys, my life is just very busy atm with alot of crap going on. Do you guys have any advice for me or if youve experienced something similar??

the dude looked alot like Logan lerman...if you dont know who that is i've posted a pic of hime belowwwww...dang i cant get this guy outa my head. Girls are easy to approach and dance with for me but when it comes to guys....i cant!!

anyways cya guys!!!!


  1. I'm not sure what you're going for, but if you're trying to find out if you like guys or girls (or both), (I don't know what you meant by 'do something with him') but a hook up is not the way to go.
    Don't kick yourself for not doing anything. If you want something right to happen, let it happen naturally. Don't make yourself do something to make something else happen.
    There are lots of possibilities to this, but what's important is that you be open to all of them and not set yourself on one. Believe me, it'll only hurt.
    And it's ok to be shy (believe me, I'm the same way). When meeting new people, just keep your cool, smile, and most importantly, be yourself!

  2. Thanks for the comment :-) and i know im into guys haha. Its just fustrating when you go out and only girls approach you when you just want one guy to. And i have a thing for dark haired guys lol. He was just soooo good looking that it felt like a crime to NOT try something with him. But ah well. Thanks for the advice :-)