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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Muscle Hunks (New Outfits)

 Hello everyone! I hope your all enjoying your holiday season! So I've been pretty busy creating new outfits for my HBB (Huge Body Builders) in my sims game and here I've posted a few pics of the ones that I have created from scratch or i have edited them to make them a little more.... pleasing to the eye :)

Low set jockstrap..for you know ..easy access
A very subtle suggestion lol

New swimming outfits converted to HBB

Can't help but turn heads with that thong! ;)
The NAVY OUTFIT draws alot of attention

As you can see !

So if I don't post before X-mas I hope you all have an amazing day and happy new year! Thanks for an amazing year of blogging It's been great fun! :)

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