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Saturday, July 27, 2013


Hey guys! So its been a while since i have posted about a video game besides The Sims 2 but i think this one is worthy of a little recognition!

Lately i have been playing DEADPOOL and as a game it is fairly average. Well if you like hack and slash games that throw countless enemies at you 24/7 then this game is for you but i prefer a slower moving game more heavily based on storyline then action. But i bought the game anyway being a sucker for any DC or MARVEL project :) 

The first thing I noticed about Deadpool was.....his Butt! I mean they went to extra lengths to make his butt absolutely perfect! and I thank them for it :) It might sound a little shallow but his body is what made me as a GAYmer play on and actually finish the game. If you were stuck in a hard level or a frustrating boss you could always stare at his butt haha. 

Below Is some screenshots of my game showing how well built this guy is.

As far as humour goes, if you like poo and wee jokes and some jokes about tits then this game is for you but I didn't laugh so much..

Its also a very short game, i am halfway through and only played it for a few hours yesterday but it has a few elements of fun. So if you can overlook all of its flaws and wanna check out his butt in action then the game is on steam for $30 which i thought was very generous of them. 

Also THANKYOU everyone!!! A few weeks ago this blog reached 70,000 hits! 


Deadpool saving Logan AKA Wolverine :) 

And he can't help but squeeze his cheeks :) 


  1. I started watching the gameplay on youtube yesterday and finished it lol. It is hot, they were not shy about making the males just as sexy as the females lol. Deadpool's crotch is amazing, Wolverine and Mr. Sinister are sooo sexy, and Rogue, Psylocke, and Domino are awesome in this game. As a big X-Men geek, I give it 2 thumbs up :)

  2. Yeah im not really that into hack and slash games but it was pretty fun for me. After finishing it i said i would never play it again butt...:) looking back on it i rekon i would because it was really fun and if i ever had a stressfull moment in game i could just stare at deadpools butt and it would all be ok haha