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Saturday, June 6, 2015


Hey everyone!
Here is a piece I just completed in Daz Studio.

The great Dr Manhattan from the graphic novel and movie WATCHMEN.

Hope you like him :) 


  1. Hello I love this pic I am a huge Dr Manhattan fan and he looks HOTT!!!! in this if I do say so myself! :) I am also a huge sims 2 freak and I saw your posts on insimadult to tolalaland and I was wondering if you ever got those meshes cause I would love to have them as well I have asked tolalaland in a couple of messages but they have never messaged me back so I though that I would ask you since you are the one who requested them hoping that you have them?

    1. yeah i wish i had the meshes but nope she never got back to me either...said she was moving house and then just nothing...

      Thanks :)

    2. I wanted to tell you that I got a message from tolalaland yesterday Thanking me for the compliments about her meshes and that she had fired up the game after two years of not playing it and is going to upload all her meshes so we can look forward to that!

    3. omg yes! let me know when she does please :)