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Saturday, March 23, 2013


Hello everyone! 

I thought I'd share with you some more outfits that i have created and reshaped :) 

So the first "outfit" If you can even call it that is a singlet that I've edited to look as though it has been ripped. because i wanted my guys to look as though they have been USED alot. I also wanted to create an outfit that gave the other guys easy access to (insert a hunks name here)'s hole.

The guys that wear these singlets are for hire! So any group of (horny) men can hire these studs and plow away! They also have a website where you can book a hunk and they will send him over :)

Here's Leo sporting one of the singlets :) 
As you can see the singlet allows easy access :) 
I also grabbed this mesh from insimenator and enlarged it so the HBB (Huge Body Builder) could wear it.

Has perfect coverage ;)

So let me know if your interested in downloading these OR any of the hunks that i have created and i'll make them available for download.

Thanks guys! cya!



  1. I love all the sexy outfits you make. my guys would love them =P

  2. I'll upload some stuff to INSIMADULT very soon :)