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Monday, March 11, 2013


Hey guys! 

Sorry I haven't posted in a while but life has been pretty busy recently which is good :) but it just means I have less time to post.

So I was wondering what you guys like more? Do you prefer my posts from The Sims 2 or do you like the new renders I am creating using DAZ studio? 

I won't be offended how you answer but i'd just like to know what you would like to see on this blog as i probably wont have time for both :S. 

So yeah let me know if you like my Sims 2 posts...or my 3D renders. 

(btw i have more art on Y!Gallery so check it out :) )


  1. Hey! Where did you download my sims from? In that case i'll try uploading some more then :). In all honesty I find posting things about the Sims 2 way more fun than DAZ renders. thats another reason why i asked :)

  2. Awesome! Yeah i do miss uploading those dudes :)

  3. haha thanks :) I am having more fun posing with DAZ at the moment so you will see more of that but i'll still be posting the sims 2 content as well. Currently (trying to) work on a story with Troy :)