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Friday, November 13, 2015


Greetings everyone!

So you all would know by now that FALLOUT 4 has been released and wow! Its an amazing game with a few flaws here and there granted but still a freaking great world to immerse yourself in.

Also you would know that I am a sucker for video game butts. I LOVE that BETHESDA have given the male protagonist some junk in his trunk! Just look at these screenshots!

Look how much it sticks out haha

I was sneaking here but walked right into a guard cus I was too distracted haha

Quick! I have to run from the....ohhhhhhhhhh mmmmmm

Heres my dude :) 

So obviously I am a bit of a perve but I think its high time that gay gamers AND straight girls get something to look at for once. For so long I have played games with women that have amazing booties and bodies and the men in the exact same games are flat as pancake...

So I want to thank bethesda for this and for making yet another freaking stunning game for us fans 

If you want you can leave some positive feedback for BETHESDA and thank them for giving the guys some glutes for once!

I did haha.

heres the link to their support page.

Head over there and say THANKS FOR THE MALE BOOTY! 


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