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Sunday, July 1, 2018

Muscleman's Back??


long time no see ey! 

I am not sure if people still follow me or even care for that matter if i post content or not goes :) 

I have been away for so long because of work and uni commitments..and a relationship but am now back on to share with you guys all my sexy mods and men in my video games haha :) 

Here is my latest Fallout 4 character that I am playing with at the moment!

He is incredibly popular with the men of the wasteland and even the supermutants! 


I gave him this uniform for when i use a "prostitute" mod.. He walks around the town and all the men approach him for sex ;)

Hope you like what you see! Ill post more if people still care! haha


  1. Welcome back Muscleman very happy to see you back, hope to see you return to making your sexy art!

  2. Also I do care haha, and these are some hot pictures. I guess the sole survivor was secretly or not so secretly a slut despite being a married family man ;)